Imaginary Tattoo

Everything was just about unpredictable pretentions, cruel intentions and mainly illusions.


Imaginary Tattoo


The mood has turned up the heat we're both so heating

I know you wanna go deeper, feel and touch

In private, I give you my skin and I ain't teasing

You may have it but not way too much


Hey ? I wanna get inked by you

Even though I know it may take a bit of pain

Just wanna do try out something new

Its okay coz it’s a mark in me that’ll remain


 Don’t hold back, you know I like it rough

Come on take control of your hand into my skin

Don’t stop what you ain’t doing yet, I haven’t had enough

Imagine your creation drawn indeed like a beautiful sin


Think of it as a part of a body drawn with dirt

 And your dirt in me will be the coolest art

I won’t care if others might think of me as a flirt

It’s just a symbol in my skin drawn with heart


Don’t dare put malice in it, narrow minded people

As they say, There’s always a hidden story behind a tattoo

Why they do so and why they want it, without costing double trouble

To whoever the artist is, It’s just purely business between me and you

The End

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