The Dullahan

                                                            'Twas                               August
                                                       many years                    ago,   according
                                                       to Old Man                  Munroe,   in County
                                                       Down, or so he        says, on that
                                very              most dreaded   of  days;     that
                          supposedly        was when Joe         Flannnigan
                                met               the  Dullahan.           Joe, you
          see, was the skeptical type, never believed  in    Crom
Dubh,   didn't  stay   in  around   sunset, when   the    thing
was on the move.      So poor Joe    got quite a    surprise to
see the black horse  with  burning   red eyes,  and he was
even more shocked to see the rider  without   something
necessary.                                  For in         his hand, Ol'
 Crom Dubh                              grasp              ed  his own
decomposing                        head;                    it rasped,
              "Joe                          Flannigan!"                   And
                  Joe                                                           dropped
                 dead,                                                         right
                  then                                                       and
                  there,                                                 so
all  travelers,  please  beware:  the  Dullahan  walks  by  sunset.

[Note:  if you squint really hard and tilt your head a bit, it almost looks like a headless person riding a horse.  Almost.]

The End

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