Shooting Star

A rather laborious experiment in poetry as a visual medium

                                                                                                                  \    s    /
                                                                                                               -come    —
                                                                                                          the  /    e   
                                                                                       stars, the
                                                                               meteorites, the
                                                                             rocks   aflame,                                                                                  their  dancing                          
                                                                       deaths; their fireworks;     
                                                                  caught in  the   age-old,      
                                                                    endless war between                                                                                                   f r i c t i o n and gravity,    
                                                                          burning away to


                                                                                           before our eyes   
                                                                        a show for us  
                                                               nothing more;   
                                                                                         for them…    
                                                                                 disin                teg   ration.  
                                                                             is             it not
                                                                   strange                                                                                                                                                           ?                                                                                       

The End

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