I'm Tired of Waiting

Something I Wrote for an old crush,
Depressed when he turned me down
but at least i got my feelings out

I'm Tired of Waiting

I’m Tired of waiting for your hand to hold mine

I’m tired of watching your smile creep along your face from the corner of my eye.

And I’m tired of waiting to know if your heart beats the same Morse code as mine.

I try to get over you and try to escape into other diligent thoughts and crowded hall ways of memories.

But somehow you manage to worm your way back into my membrane.

And recite your perfect, well-known love song.

It speaks to me like the most emotional melody.

Genetically created to capture any girls heart.

And when my brain processed this brilliantly crafted symphony

My Heart Soared.

It did back flips over Mountain Tops.

Flew to the Sun & Back.

I knew I had to have you,

but you were a puzzle piece I could not find

The abstract piece of art I couldn't identify.

You sat there at your your desk,

Writing the most intellectual words no one has ever thought of.

I noticed it.

Every single detail, nothing missed or over analyzed.

But again you don't see me

in a sea of unknown faces

I clench the pen.

Writing hard against my paper

Too many hearts and “you + me”

on this letter that will never reach its final destination

I'm not sure why I keep waiting..

Waiting for your arms to comfort mine

waiting for my words to be the reason for your smile

waiting for your final words to me before we graduate be I love you

but ill just keep waiting

for your heart to be in sync with mine

The End

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