i'm tired and my mouth tastes of alcohol like i'm intoxicated by the stale air suffocating my throat

stop perpetuating "cute" depression. 

i'm tired of this - 
it's not pretty. 

it's always being tired, 
failing tests because you fell asleep in the middle, 
it's not showering for days, 
because you don't have the time or motivation, 
it's having your room as a mess, 
never wanting to clean and tripping on it in the morning 

and it's more like
"Go do your laundry"
"Go take a bath"

so to all those who think it's fine:
my showers are usually at around 1 AM 
and my system runs on caffeine 
and my forehead's breaking out because
i'm running on stress

so just...
i don't f-cking get it, 
but just acknowledge 
that nothing about this is pretty. 

The End

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