I press the link and read the text

Then quickly click to see the next.

Inside the lines, between, betwixt;

The words I wrote cannot be fixed.


I rue the day our hearts unhooked;

Misunderstandings,  overlooked.

I fear my goose has now been cooked

and carved up, till the next is booked.


I wonder if it can be saved,

Or if we're ever now enslaved.

Upon the next heart you're engraved.

Forget the times I misbehaved.


I missed you so, my soul, my friend;

So sure that this would never end;

And next,  we're bound to comprehend

How best this folly to transcend.


I'm sure the next time, we'll be healed,

The method still to be revealed.

My thoughts were open, unconcealed;

My heart I've never learned to shield.

The End

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