I'm Sorry, Goodbye

I'm saying sorry and goodbye to my loved one who I really cared about. He likes another girl. I can't shout profanities at him so instead,I did this.
I think I'm in the accepting stage now, where I accept that he's gone forever, never coming back. Yeah, I am in that stage now. Before this would be denial, depression and anger next would be confusion not sure why they left but here it is... Hope you like it.

I'm so sorry  for things I couldn't be. Sorry for all the pain I made you bear.  

Sorry for making you cry, when I didn't say what I felt. Sorry I was 'torpe' to you. Forgive me for that. Sorry for making you hope, for making myself so unreachable. For watching you try, I'm so sorry.

I must have done something right for you to have wanted me.

What did I do? I'd do it again for you. This was something I hoped, would last till the end but I guess all dreams aren't meant to be. I'll miss your smile, your lovely brown eyes. You made me laugh even when you didn't know.

What went wrong? Was I too late? Or was this meant to be, not tragic but fate.

Sorry, I loved you but you have someone new now. I'll stay here waiting for you, wishing I still had you. My feelings left unsaid are both good and bad.

Loving you is good, hating you is bad.

It's so conflicting! This storm of emotions. How when I see you I fall hard on my head. You're in a rose garden now, not anymore in my grasp. I'll accept that fact but its hard to.

Come back to me. I'll change I promise. Please, please. Just come back.

You won't though, you don't care anymore. I'm still holding on for your emotions. Tell it to me in my face, that you don't love me, don't send a messenger be brave and face me.

God, I love you. It's so hard to let go.

Do you still love me? I really hope so.

You'll always open, the wounds I hide deep; the ones that will really hurt me.

I'll just say it out loud: I LOVE YOU!! 

So much but you can't hear it.

Forgive me my dear, as I watch the stars above. Wishing on one that you'd come back to me.

When I end this poem, I seal it with all my love for you so when time comes, you'll see. You'll see.

I was meant for you. Why couldn't you wait? We would've been happy together, it would've been fate. Here's all my feelings bottled up in this poem. After this though, I'll never relive them.

Good luck where you are. I hope you still think of me. Please do.

Have fun, my sweet. You were what I used to hold dear. Not anymore though.

I'll cry for the last time. I won't shed anymore tears. Even though losing you was one of my greatest fears.

I won't care anymore. You'll just be someone to me. Just remember that. Remember it honey.

Goodbye to you. What I used to hold dear. I'll move on now, I'll move on.

I hope you read this someday so at least you'll know. That I felt for you too . Those feelings weren't just you. 

You'll give her the gifts that were supposed to be mine. But I'll still love you. 

I'm Sorry, Goodbye

The End

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