I'm Sorry

Forgive me of my flaws, for I am not perfect,
But given the chance, I will prove I'm worth it.
Loving you is as easy as things come,
I'm not always this dumb.
I promise this isn't who I am under Normal conditions,
It's this situation that puts me in these positions.
I know its temporary and things will change one day,
I'm just not always with the perfect words to say.
I hate that I've angered you and made you leave,
I never want that feeling again, this I hope you believe.
I felt like we were through and my heart was just crushed.
The feelings that rushed over me, as brief as they might have been,
Were the worst I've ever felt then.
I love you with everything I have Chris,
You are not someone I want to ever miss.
I want you for now and for the rest of my life,
I meant it when I said I wanted to be your wife.
I grow more into the person I want to be each day I have you,
So you see, without you, I wouldn't have a clue what to do.
"I'm sorry I hurt you" isn't enough to fix things, I know.
But from here on out I promise it will show.

The End

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