I'm Sorry!Mature

Don't judge me because of what I write. I am me and you are you. I am a christian, but that makes me no better, no less, than you. I would still like to make friends no matter what you're into or who you are. Please, think the same of me.

  I'm sorry for what I haven't said,

I'm sorry for your pain,

I'm sorry for your loss,

I'm sorry you don't know He's the best,

I know you're hurt,

I know you're confused,

Please let me help you,

You might not like me,

You might not care,

But he's still going to be there,

I'm sorry for all the things you go through,

I'm sorry you lie and cheat,

You may not even know me,

The fact is He doesn't care,

He went on the cross,

Died for the cause,

He wants you to know him,

Because he forgives and loves,

He's simply Jesus.

The End

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