i'm SorryMature

i'm sorry that i failed you.
i'm sorry i'm not true.
i'm sorry, i fucked it up again.
i'm sorry i hurt you...

i know it's no relief in hearing mindless words
to account on a zombie
who can't figure her own shit out
despite that she wields at you,
and i'm sorry for that
because i did that to you.

i'm sorry your friend is done
there is no turning back
from here she'll continue on
no longer as you knew her,
and i'm sorry for that
because i leave you behind.

i'm sorry i can't remember.
i'm sorry i am so stupid.
i'm sorry you have to deal with me
since all i do is hurt...
i'm sorry i can't say 'no'.
i'm sorry i can't say 'yes'.
i'm sorry because i'm useless to you,
yet you still come back to me...

Will there ever be a time where i'll stop hurting you?
Where you can look at me squarely
and know i'll do nothing?
i can't blame you for resenting me.
In fact, i'll even encourage it.
Hate me.
Leave me.
If it makes you happy,
Save yourself.
i'll survive somehow...

The End

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