I'm Sorry

I was being a b*tch one day to a friend of mine. Wrote an apology in poem form, and she accepted.

I yelled,
I screamed,
I took my anger on you.

I was upset,
I was angry,
I was alone.

I'm sorry,
My dear sis,
Please accept this apology.

I can't survive,
Without you there.

When I met you,
My world turned upsidedown,
Ever since I met you,
I changed,
And became the person I am now.

You say I'm sweet,
You say I'm kind,
But that's all because of you.

You mean so much to me,
That I can't let go,
I can't do this.

Please forgive me,
And make everything right,
Mend my broken heart,
Like you once did before.

Without you,
I would be alone,
And lost.

The End

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