I'm Sorry

I wrote this for my best friend who I recently lost very suddenly and harshly. No, she did not die. Just ended the friendship.

I'm sorry for the faults I cannot change
No matter how hard I try.
For the things I say
That aren't always right.
For the constant over thinking,
Because I want to get everything
Just Right.
I'm sorry for being so insecure
With myself and you
That I tried to hold on too tight.
I'm sorry for always trying to be there,
To listen, react and be supportive

In ways that weren't always helpful.
And that I want to still be there.


I'm sorry for the tears
That fall for the stupidest reasons.
For the drama,
That always seems to follow me.
For the outbursts of anger
When all you tried to do was help.
I'm sorry that I'm hesitant to change
That I know is going to happen.
That I care, worry and wish, that things
Ended differently.
That I never got to tell you all this.
I'm sorry

 That I always say sorry.

The End

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