I'm SORRYMature

I really don't know what to put I wrote this when I was in a lot of pain and all I could do is say I'm sorry and just sucked it up and deal with it

I'm sorry

About everything

I'm sorry

That I

have to smile

To hide

All the


That I'm

Truly in

I'm sorry

That I'm

Not everything

You want

Me to be

That I have

To hide

my true -self

For so long

I'm not

Even sure

If I could

Find her anymore

Even if I


I'm sorry

That I'm

To blame

For eveything

That I

Might have

Done something

Every fucking day

To fuck up

Yours even more

I'm sorry

For all the


For you

Never knowing

The real truth

About me

About what I really

Feel like

About what I

Feel about you half

The time

Because you only


Whats at face


And never

Looking for anything


I'm sorry

That I'm


Because I'm

Sad all the


And I seem

To be blame

For everything

I'm so sorry

That I can't

Fix everything

I'm just sorry

thats all I

Can be

The End

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