I'm Sorry

Yes, The consequences are known,

Alas, I cannot help the way I feel,

The blood I bleed, Air I breathe,

All I do, Just for you,

The world knows, Who we are,

Incinerated Lovers.

Unable to carry on this way,

To live without you, Impossible,

Spikes, Chains, Even the pain,

All of this, I miss, And more,

It cannot be helped, Still in love with you, I find myself,

You are my rising, Whilst I am falling,

You know my situation, Complications,

Another would be inadequate, Inappropriate,

Only you,

Thorns from the rose, Lace my heart with fear,

Cure me, I beg you.

Black roses, My passion, Red, My fire,

Together with you, creating a love even death is unable to cease,

I cry for you, Reach for the blade,

A calming liberty, I bleed,

Listen, I slit,

Listen, For the blood,

These feelings, Unavoidable, I cannot ignore,

Staining my soul, My love for you burns inside,

Give me reasons.


I think of you, Always,

Bleeding inside, I bleed through, Bleeding my love to you,

I need you, No matter what may be said,

My friends, Family, I betray,

You've become my sanctuary, Unsafe unless I'm with you,

Venomous feelings I ignore, Heart-bourne ones I pledge to you.

The End

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