I’m so excited

I’m so excited

(A poem from a different perspective)

By Natanel Hershberg


I’m so excited

It hurt

My first one fell out today

I hope she knows what I want

She does, I’m sure she does


“Leave it open Daddy”

“I have a visitor tonight”

I put it under my pillow

It is white and small

It is pretty

The note is there too


Eyes closed

I think I feel something

It’s under my head

Maybe it is a barby

The one my big sister has

Maybe it is beautiful nail-color

Red like my mother’s

Or maybe a brush

Or a new dress


Eyes open

Mommy comes in

“Good night”

Hug and good night kiss


“Do you think she will come?”

“She will, you’ll see”

“And does she know what I want?”

“Could she read it?”

“Yes. She can”

“But you must go to sleep first”


Eyes closed

Barbies playing in the school yard

On a giant hair brush

Red nails with white teeth dancing

Round and round

They tickle me

“stop that”

They do it again

And again


I laugh

Eyes open

Daddy beside me

Tickling me

“good morning”


I jump

I lift it

I smile and laugh

The Barbie from the store

The one I said I wanted

When my sister got hers

The note is gone

The tooth is gone


Another one wiggles

I’m so excited




The End

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