I'm scared

I wrote this during school when I was a Senior. I was going through a lot.


I'm scare of everything that

is going on in your life. Scare

of knowing that I'll lose you

forever. Knowing that you'll go

to college and find someone to

care about. Knowing that you'll

get marry and be happy. Scare

that you will forget me, knowing

how much I loved and cared for you.


I am very happy for you, honestly.

It's just to think that me not being

a part of your life really hurts me.

Then again... you probably not want

me in it again. After all, I cause to

much trouble for you.


I guess I thought that I would

made your life better. That you would

be happy with me. But I was wrong

and I can admit that I can never make

you happy or be good enough for you.

The End

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