I'm Sad.

"I'm sad,
Because when she called me that night
I let it ring seven times,
And then go to voicemail
All because I was talking to a boy who ended up not giving me the time of day.
I let it ring,
And when I never answered,
She wrote what she was going to tell me on a scrap of paper
And stuck it to the door with her favorite earrings,
Because she wasn't going to need them anymore.
I'm sad,
Because when I called back a few hours later,
She let it ring eight times,
And then go to voicemail,
All because she was busy tying the rope that would end her final day.
She let it ring,
And when she never answered,
I drove to her house at 3:30 am,
And burst through her bedroom door a little too late,
Because she was gone and the note was stained with tears.
It said:
"I'm sad,
Because I tried calling you tonight,
But you let it ring seven times,
And I knew you were still up,
But I wasn't going to try again.
You let it ring,
And when you never answered,
I knew that no one cared about me,
Because you were the last person I trusted,
But I guess you don't need me anymore."

The End

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