I'm Right Here

As you try to convey your pain,

You're fallin short of your goal

'Cause you can say whats on your brain,

but not your heart or your soul.

From my eye's your tears can hide,

but from your own they refuse.

I know you try, but still you cry

when your alone and confused.

You keep your thoughts to yourself

just paying plenty of dues.

I know its hard to ask for help,

because i've been in your shoes.

So, when you think the world is distant

and no-one could care or love ya

I'll always be there to listen

and never be one to judge ya.

I'm your voice when you can't speak

never silenced at any cost.

I'll be your strength when you are weak

and your guidence when you are lost.

I'm your ears when you can't hear

and your eye's when your going blind.

My visions clear and i'm right here,

you can tell me what's on ya mind.

The End

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