I'm Right Here

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I'm right here

Why can't you see?

That all the jerks you dated

Weren't good enough for you

Why can't you give me a chance?

I've loved you

For a long time now

But you don't notice

So until you do

I'll just be the shoulder you cry on

When your jerks of boyfriends

Break you gorgeous heart

Am I not cute enough?

Do I act to much like a gentleman?

Am I too smart?

Tell me why you don't even glance my way

When it comes time

For you to choose someone to take you

To the prom

Or the fall dance

Or the Halloween ball

Tell me what do I have to do

To make you see

The one you've been searching for

Is right here

Right next to you

You see me everyday

But you never notice

So I'll just bide my time

In the sidelines

Waiting until you see

I'm here waiting

For you with open arms

But don't take too long

I can't wait forever

I might move on

I might fall in love

With someone

Whose not you

No matter how much it may hurt

The End

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