Im Out On The Ledge

'Its that moment when you haven't fear, when you know your not afraid to take that step.'

I'm out on the ledge,
Eyes closed and still.
Heart racing with anticipation,

But I was not afraid.

The silence is deafening.
Yet the wind fills my ears,
As it whirls by and past me in a rush.
And dies soon in a quieted hush.

I'm out on the ledge, standing.
And I open my eyes and im looking ahead.
A blank stare because inside I feel dead.
As I wonder about a life that could have been.
One where I could not repeat my own sin.

I'm out on the ledge,
And inside im screaming for you.
To save me from this path.
Down a darkened road.
And shelter me from this undying cold.
Asking for you in wild thoughts,
As they run free of just one name.
And picture your face just like a picture frame.

I'm out on the ledge, and I hold my arms out.
Knowing well that a human is no dove that can fly,
Or a plane as it drifts openly in the gorgeous sky.
But its that part where all your worries fade,
Along with the horrible choices and life that you made.
And I raise my foot and fall.

I'm no longer standing on the ledge, no longer to call,
Out your name or think of you,
Because without you here, there was no us and you were nowhere near,

Somehow, that was always my worst fear.

The End

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