Im Only SixteenMature

bleh, its a rant secretly, but you didnt hear that from me ;)

i cant be the only one,

who feel like the tin man rusted and busted 

and forgotten.

i cant be the only one who needs a little bit of oil,

lubrication to set my limbs shaking.

i feel rooted to the ground like a thousand year tree,

waiting for lightning to strike me down 

and burn me down to the ground,

im only sixteen why is my mind so dark,

like a haunted house in a thicket of trees in middle of nowhere minnesota,

im only sixteen gadddammit 

i shouldnt be having night terrors but dreams,

full hearted vibrant life filled dreams,

not this desolate paintin of destruction branded on my eyelids.

i cant be the only one,

 who deams of dying while everyone thinks im living the life....

i cant be the only screaming in the middle of the night because my memories continue to hauant me.

im sixteen, for fucks sake,


i shouldnt have seen these things that ive seen,

felt the pressure of roaming unwanted hands in dark halls

because i made the mistke of staying after school to late,

i shouldnt be subjugated to such hatred from girls who dont know me,

shouldnt be wanted by boys who have heard rumors and seen me, 

and now want to feel me.

i dont blame them for wanting the mask because i framed it all so [erfectly,

to fit, but hide this lunatic mind

im only sixteen,

i shouldnt want to die.

The End

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