i'm not listening anymore, your face looks like a horse.Mature

apparently people can't keep their criticisms to themselves.

just wait for tomorrow, people. i'll show up in an edward scissorhands t-shirt with rips in the back and purple hair. let's add a great big rainbow sweater to that, shall we?

also, i don't f*cking care about the title.
just. don't. mention. it.

i'll recite the lord's prayer

a hundred times,

but it doesn't change

that there's people out there

who will scream at me because they feel like it.

what's your complaint now, huh?

i'm too fat,

i'm too loud,

i'm a goddamn girl?!

pull it together!

i have no interest in your opinions

if they are just going to be degrading

(as i write this, i look at the clock,

sighing as i 'waste' even more time)

but really.

i sing.

i write.

i ride.

i read.

i do schoolwork.

this is my life.

do you have a problem with that?

if you do,

fucking keep it to yourself.

The End

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