I'm Not In This For Eternity

Tell me when it's over and I'll pack my bags

No more pictures or facebook tags

No fairytales endings or forevermore

One false move makes it nevermore

No planning for the future, just in case

No marathons - this ones just a race

Nothing to stop us from walking away

We can get what we need without having to pay

No love is lost because none is shared

When romance died, no one cared

No roses, no kisses, they don't mean a thing

Not when your soulmate is walks with the first sting

I'm not in this for eternity

But that's the price of modernity

So let's not make any plans, just in case

'Cos tomorrow I won't remember your face

It's nothing personal I swear

Just can't pledge you my love, if loves not there

No more happy endings or dying for the one

Just do what you want as long as its fun

The End

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