I'm Not In Love

Welcome to the year of my discontent
I have no roses to give or kisses to receive
I think I'm losing the last piece
of my broken heart

All the poems I wrote for a life
that I could never be a part of
have become trash
on the loneliest street in my world

I promise, I swear, I scream
I'm not in love
I'm not in love
I hope, I despair, I refuse
I'm not in love
I'm not in love

Forget all of those goddamn dreams
where we were wed by the moonlight
Because I thought the pain of losing you
meant you truly loved me

But why even bother making sense of this?
You were never meant to care for me
the way I have always cared for you
So it goes...

Every kiss, every embrace, every smile, every tear
cannot ever compare with the emptiness I feel now
Forever, eternity... why couldn't I just give in
to the changing emotions  I refused

So goodbye... so goodbye
My heart is always yours
but I swear
I'm not in love... 

The End

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