i'm not flowery

I'm a little afraid
to tell people that I write.

I think that they can tell.

When a particular metaphor
twists in ways it shouldn't,
when something simple
turns into something elaborate.

It's not that being a writer
is a horrible thing.

It's just that...

Sometimes people expect things.
They expect me to be good.

And I'm a poet.
I'm mostly a poet.

And people think of poetry
as something flowery, 
an inane thing
where people string coherent words together
and say that it's a poem.

They think that 
a bunch of words with no capitals
littered around a page
is a poem.

And maybe it is.

But it's beautiful.

It's beautiful
and jarring
and thoughtful.

And I don't want
to admit that I'm a writer
and submit my poetry
to whimsical stereotypes.

The End

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