I'm here for you

You hurt so much

I can see that

But what about what I can't see

Your pain is deep and so are the scars

The slits in your skin bleeding freely

Dripping red on the floor

Feeling the physical pain

Which drowns out the emotional

Seems like no one understands

Why you do so, why you want to die

But I try and I do a bit

I won't hold it against you

It may not even be all your fault

People turned against you

Seeed like they stopped caring

Saying hurtful words

Affecting you and your esteem

You feel like you're a failure

You aren't, everyone makes mistakes

Don't let it drag you down

Life is tough, I know

You're struggling, feeling like

You're on your own

But you're not, I'm with you

I understand and have pain too

I care and have empathy

And want to help

We can help each other

Stick up for the other

And lessen the burden of pain

So try to block it out

Put a smile on your pretty face, be happy

Do it for me if anyone

The End

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