Im fineMature

about a girl who has many issues along with depression, anxiety and people always ask her whats going on, if she is okay? and wants to say whats really going on in her head but she's scared and tries to be strong so she says I'm fine

I’m fine



So many people ask me

 how am I doing?

Are you okay?

Are you in a good mood?


I think to myself

Well I only cried five times last night

I only look in the mirror and cry

I get flashbacks of my abuser

I get constant memories of my past

That replay in my head with no stop button

I only hate myself

I’m filled with anger

I am ruined

Broken beyond repair

I am so sad and depressed

I can’t sleep through a night

Without getting nightmares

I hate my body so much

I stop eating just so I look better


But instead I remain strong

And I say I’m fine, I’m doing good

But inside I’m dying inside.


But the worst is when someone thinks your better

And you know your not

Then you feel like you’re a lie to yourself

And everyone around you 

The End

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