i'm falling, sliding down

i- i don't know. everything's too much and i'm seriously considering telling someone. and because this is me, who will ignore a problem or take care it it by myself, i'm a little worried. and my laughs are artificial, and i'm scared, honestly.

i think that

i may be depressed,

my panic attacks

becoming more and more frequent

and i'm just so

annoyed with everything

and everybody.

and i'm just so


i can't sleep, and when i do,

i have nightmares

and fear and pain fills me

and it leaves no room for

anything else at this point

and i can't eat

i have no appetite

but i can't

be depressed,

my parents already have

too much to worry about

and i'm the last

'normal' child,

i can't tell anyone

and i hate theripists

after all,

who gave you my permission

to poke around my head?

stop it, i won't let you,

i'll just pretend i'm fine,

like last time,

and last time you believed it

but this time i'm so close

i'm so close to exploding

and i can't hold on much longer,

but i can't say anything with 

a mouth stitched shut,

and i'm kind of scared

but i've been miserable

and i'm drowning

and everything's inside,

and i think

that i may be depressed,

but i don't really know how

to ask for help.

please help me.

The End

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