I'm Done.Mature

You’re stupid

An idiot

Fatter then me


Heck more vindictive

And yet

I’m the one you cast out

Into the rain

I don’t hurt you

I don’t get in your way

I say nothing

But there you go

As usual

Causing me pain

Causing me humiliation

And it just won’t stop

And I don’t get it

So finally

The dams given way

The sadness

I’ve cast it away

And out comes the anger

Because it’s not fair

And you have no right

To make me feel this way

No fucking right

So stop

Because enough

Has to be enough

At some point

And that point


We’ve reached it

I’m done


You can drop the pretence

The stage name of best friend

I want you out

My life


I’m done

The End

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