I'm Broken

Funny thing is you never realized what you have...

I'm Broken


  I'm broken

I never thought you'd leave me

When you said we will be together

You lied when you said your love is forever

I want you here with me, only you

I wanted to stay strong for us for you

My dear, what happened?

Breaking someone's heart for the game you played

Was all of this fun? I was shocked because you changed

Please don't ask me to pretend

I will never regret what happened

Even though I was blinded

I will always be here for you

I wish you knew

How I loved you smile

How I loved your dimple

How I loved everything about you

Pain, pain stay away from me

I want to spend my last days with him

I want to tell the world how I love him

I want to tell them I can do anything for him

But I'm dying slowly buried with all his lies

But now it's too late

And now you want me back

No one can give my life back

Funny thing is you never realized what you have

Until it's gone

Until I'm gone

The End

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