i'm addicted to writing

why do i write?

jeez, why do i write poetry?

it's my drug, i can't help it.

but should i give it up?

should i force it to

relenquish it's hold on me?

i'm not sure i can.

i'm scared.

i'm scared,

and i'm crying,

and i'm wondering 

why i do this.

why this should help,

why i use this as an outlet,

where i can translate my feelings,

once in a while,

into something beautiful?

i'm not completely sure.

but i'm considering giving it up...

i'm just not sure i can.

but it might make the decision for me,

i can feel this so-called 'talent'

slipping away by the second.

how long will it be before

there's nothing left?

The End

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