I'm A Student Of English

This is your throne
Now hear the voices of the dead,
For I know they haunt you
Are you happy with your lies?
Your shallowness amuses me
Dress to impress
You know everybody's looking
Yet what you choose to overlook is the spit in your path
You have no idea that those who pushed everything away look at you and laugh
Your intelligence is a sham
You still haven't got it
Your immaturity and vanity pushes ridicule into their voices
Your hypocrisy leaves much to be desired
Yet a smile slides onto my face
Yes, I did just laugh at you
Yes, I'll repeat to your mask
For that disgrace hardly resembles a face
Now listen to these, darling
I have a new definition for you
They make a valid point
And your feeble, burnt out mind can't accept it
For you must be perfect
I wish you could hear them
You are referred to as an animal
A dog
You are ridiculed
Here is your throne
Now sit down,
Regard your kingdom of hatred, deceit and lies 
Make me bow down
Rub your eyes
Be cautious not to rub that shame off
For it runs metres deep
I'd be surprised if you were recognised

Darling, it's called make-up remover. 


The End

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