I'm a Lie

"I'm a lie”

The raspberry pomegranate colored sweat

dripped off my skin to the end of my metaphor

Causes me to suck it dry

as if I was a carnivore

I'm a lie”

repeats in my head

Past the time,

of the many frequencies in my head

Layin me to bed

You did,

causin me to sweat


Rubbin your back,

caressing your needs until they were met

Creating your perfect symphony

Trained to do it right, how he wants it to be,

Not like no other

So believable, that I can trap you in my lies

Zap you in my world,

Drag you by your feet, to accept the prettiest pearl

my lie.

See I learned to be his perfect...

I'm a lie, I dont really exist

I sit in the room, and suck your emotions

Manipulate the situations

You like those verbal elations

Giving his script those sensual situations

and presentation that you love that makes me, me,

something that he could never do,

and thats how I've become

His breathing lie

I'm the product of his pen

He choses the battles I lose and win

If he wants it, I'll get it for him

Thats what I've been trained to do

But it time for me to stop lying

And stopped being controlled... by you

I'm not your lie anymore,

this poem creates truth

And thats what I'm about ...




The End

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