I'll walk out a wiser weaker woman

All the power I had, was stolen, 

My Worst Fear Realised

Words I could never have spoken 

were whispering in my ears

voices are a cliche, so is another broken heart 

And so it starts 

Feel safe for once, in a long time 

Feel love for the first time in a long while 

Take my feelings and lessen me like this: 

Make me scared

Make me believe

In Lies and phony intavenous disease

Terrify me and let me run run rabbit run 

Run away to try and save myself and my family

 Run to the city to the police to another town 

For what? 

There is no answer 

My dance partner 

I can't decide if I joined the nervously broken ranks of my mother 

or whether there is another 

Conspiratorial explanation. 

Messages from voices

No more choices

Messages on numberplates, 

Codes in texts

Help me to understand why,

I thought you tried to lock me in and kill me

when really 

We, my blue eyed stranger, we were In a bit of Love? 

The End

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