I'll Try,but No PromisesMature

I try and try to help everyone,but who am I trying to kid? I'm never going to be able to save anyone...

I think of all the people who trust me,

lean on me,

count on me to be there,

to help them,

to care-

and it hurts because I know I can't save them.

I can barely manage to prolong the inevitable,

and it kills me that I will always fail-

I'm sorry I can't be what it is you need to survive,

I'm so sorry I'm never going to be good enough

to pull you from the darkness thats been dragging you down.

My light just can't seem to get bright enough to light your way,

but darling I'll try my best until the end of my last days,

but it will never be enough.

you will always need more, and I've honestly have no more to give,

I'm sorry your cornerstone is crumbling to dust,

It kills me how I'm gradually breaking your trust,

but darling, the truth is I will never be enough.

I'm going to fail, that much is obvious.

I won't be able to catch you as you fall off your pedestal,

and lose your crown.

I won't be able to save you from that pain that will cause.

"Even a monkey falls out of a tree"-

You can't always depend on me.

I'm human, and I make mistakes,

and in all honesty most days I'm damn near ready to break.

I will be there whenever i can be,

and I will always care, you don't have to worry about that,

but darling I probably won't be there when you need me most.

Sometimes, you're going to have to stand on your own-

sometimes, these are lessons you must learn.

If you have questions, you can ask me just like always,

but the answers you want, more than likely won't be the ones i have,

so I'll tell you now-

I'm going to fail you, and you'll need more,

I'll never be enough, but I'll still be here,

for you to trust,

and lean on,

and count on too.

Just as long as you know, I will eventually fail you.

The End

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