I’ll Never Stop

I’ll stop writing poetry the day water drowns

I will stop writing the day I see a clown

Pick up the world by strings and flip it up side down

I’ve been to Atlantis, yes it has been found

And yes, I and the sheriffs are the new ones in town


To me, rap is poetry on a treadmill

I’ll stop writing the day I see a pigs fly

Then the world comes to a standstill

Yeah, you may want to pop some Advil


And before you flip the bill

I want to warn you that you ordered too much to eat

So please take a seat, and try to digest

And I promise I will eat the rest


You better start to catch up some ideas, in a new nest

And yes, as a poet

I feel so powerful and heroic

But if you park your cars in my vocabulary spot I will tow it


It’s not a game, it’s not for fun

Its cause I can’t help it, it weighs a ton

And it loves to get a piggy back ride

So everyday I find myself tugging it around

Nothing old lost, nothing new found

So the day I just can’t do this

I’ll grab my pen and paper and stash it in the ground


I’ll fold up the papers and put down the pen

The day the Devil looks up to God and repents for all his sins


The End

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