I'll Miss You

Sometimes in my dreams I see you,

Your smile, your laugh

Everything that once drew me to you

They draw me in again,

And then like smoke

They are gone,

Because they are not you.

They are just images of you,

Just ones which my mind conjures up

To calm me when I think about you.

I have the ego of a boy I tell you,

I can’t cry. I don’t want to anymore.

I’ve cried enough in my dreams,

On your shoulder,

On your lap,

Outside on balconies

Outside on verandas near Barista,

Sitting eating ice creams, with nothing to live for,

Laughing through the pain,

Crying through the sorrow.

I wish you would come back,

I can’t hold it in,

I want you back,

Time is merciless.

I wish it would have stopped,

On that platform, months ago,

And given me the chance to say,

"I’ll miss you" one more time,

before we had to go.  


The End

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