I'll Believe In YOU

for anyone to read, take a look at themselves, see the good, the gifts, the talents, and smile.... believe in yourself... cause I do!


 its good to see you recognize the silver lining,

even if faint or in the distance

you are aware of its existence


for if I am but one lost sheep

 to call the wolf on his treat

 of marvelous words

 not to deceive but

rather to cherish and to believe!


this is your saving grace

even if packed in a box

 believing in your gift

 in words of picturette,


 only to yourself you are indebted,

 to rise above and brake a smile

to all things done and behind

 to use to ones advantage

 what was thought to be lost

 always there to find.


 you don't seem to be one to give up,

i'll vote for you  believe in you

even if just through poetry,

this is where you bleed and cry and laugh,

where I see you and hear you

where I can try to understand you

The End

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