I'll be a dancer

I don’t have to live in the shadow of your heart.

And so I won’t

Don’t make me have to say it all over again.

You draw me forth by weaving your way in and out of my life

Never ever saying much

It’s the mystery I crave, I know

But there’s something in your eyes

Left over sparkles, trailing from my old ballet slippers

The ones I never wore but wore out all the same

The dream no longer fit.

I grew on and on.


I’m still dancing but to rawer music

Feeling more

And knowing more of what I am feeling.

I can tell you clearly now

All that I want

But I will not

I’ll leave that for someone else or merely to myself

I’ve never feared loneliness, only it’s companions

It’s so easy to carry around a tattered blanket, when comfort’s not readily found.

Need leaves us broken, longing for more and more

But I won’t let it wear me down


I’ll dance for myself

In the here and now

Never waiting for something, any little thing to fall into place

I've waited too long and let it overcome me

Submerged in panic

Moving too quick to get anywhere

Jerking wings and flopping feet

Tripping over barriers

Only the distance slows me down

Reality could be nothing but yet another image.


I’ll live in the light of a mirror ball

Light drawn from reflections

Everything else created by my own hands and feet

There will be no despite…

Only growth, change, and increased tempo

I will spiral-out of control

But you know what they say, your balance comes from your core.

I know everything comes from within.

The End

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