Iguanidae Fantasticus: Ode to an Iguana [with ranch dressing and potato skins]

A lighthearted piece of nonsense, this is one of several "Iguana" themed works written for no other reason than to make me hungry...er....smile.

I have a debt, I now must pay

A burden that I must unload

To teach you all the lizard way!

A poem that's “Iguana mode”.


You start with gentle thoughts delicious

And add Iguana to the mix

Then rhyme the two and be capricious

A lizard stanza full of tricks!!


Iguana themes are quite absurd

With lots of funny things to say

They rhyme with things like “lizard Turd”

So now your poem's on the way.


A poet knows the value here

Of poetry in Iguana mode

Iguana “tapas” with a beer

Or chilled Iguana “a la mode”.


So now complete your lizard verse

Your "foody" thoughts of ripe Iguana

Your language light, and never terse

A good word here would be “Banana”.


Iguanas .....I’ll evangelise!!!

And raise you to Iguana poet

Iguana combo, Iguana fries

I love Iguanas, by now you know it!!!

The End

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