Ignorance Is Bliss

There was a time before,

Before I met you,

I was happy to be alone,

Content in my ignorance.


That all changed with you,

You came in to my life,

Flipped it upside down,

You changed me.


I got used to having you around,

I began to feel lonely without you,

A new feeling for me,

An unintended change.


I no longer felt happy on my own,

My ignorance had been blasted,

Ripped to shreds and left to die,

A critical change.


I became dependant,

Longing for your touch,

Wishing for your scent,

You changed me.


I was happy on my own,

Happy in my ignorance,

You changed that,

You changed me.


I’m not who I used to be anymore,

A change for the worse.


The End

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