I don’t mean to be patronising, pessimistic

Or in some form masochistic                       

….or maybe I do.

I just, kinda hate you.


You are the very definition of a talentless twat

You get by on your looks, and being an ignorant prat

It just astonishes me, and confuses me that…

You wouldn’t want to, I dunno…

Expand your mind?


Maybe even show some sign of a higher thought process

Not necessarily intelligence, maybe a form of latency?

But blatantly…

You have nothing


The reason the world is what it is, is people express talent

Be it, actors, artists, singers, or writers.

But you’re as useful as a burnt out lighter.

You’re nothing.


But, now I’m the twat

Because I’m preaching to someone who will not change

You probably don’t understand what I’m saying

Or you think what I’m saying is strange

But…fuck you.

Fall and suffer, you ignorant tart

Because people are trying to help you in life

But you…

You weren’t listening from the start.


Ryan Smith – 13/03/11

The End

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