When words fail to your impossible

And staring doesn’t work

                When whispers and screams prove obsolete

                I write to you with no more hope.


When crying makes no difference

And talking does no good

                When holding your hand in the movie theatre

                Was some type of indirect indicator


That you weren’t even really there…


                When making love is pretty and silent and still

                When we used to make underwater earthquakes and shipwrecks

                When our kisses hurt and our hearts were stretched out

                When your laughter is steadily dead -even to you


When I used to like you; you used to be rocket fuel

When I used to spark you; you used to smile so cute


Then I guess there goes our promise and sunshine

When it was so truthful and youth-filled


So I sked you…


“When were we ever going to be having flowers?

Candy baskets, matching napkins, bows or peach satin?”


[And air smothered the silence]


I guess now is when I should realize that the fact of the matter is

all we’re ever having is aspirin.

The End

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