If You Were My Lover

Important questions...

If you were my lover

What would I say?

What would it be like

Day after day?

Would we be happy

Loving and carefree:
Living in bliss

Oh so happily?

Would we make love

With passion and fire:

Would mutual attraction

Fuel our desire?

Would our friends be so happy

That we found each other

Would they say that we truly

Belonged to one another?

Would our families, too,

Celebrate us as a pair:

Is our happiness and joy

Big enough to share?

Would the world look upon you

As Juliet and Romeo, me

And say "just how lucky

Can one couple be?"

Would our happiness be complete

On the day of our wedding:

Is that where our future lies;

Is that where we'd be heading?

If you were my lover

I know what I'd say:

I will tell you I love you

Each and every single day.

But you are not my lover:

You're just a fantasy.

If you were real, though

Is this how it would be?

The End

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