if you were mine

your eyes are like the rain.

If I stare at them too long,

I know I will be forever wet,

but thirsty

for your breath.


It isn’t easy aching

for something you know you don’t want,

but wanting it, beyond any fragment of rational thought.

I wish I could undress you,

and press my lips to your skin,

taste the sweat that drips down your nose,

and keep you, forever close.

I wish we could be tangled

like the cords of the vacuums we use.

Knotted together on the floor,

with no urge to leave or move.


I want you,

I want your eyes to look at me

like I’m the only one in your life,

but we both have lovers

and we both know better

than to cross the invisible line.


It doesn’t stop me from wishing,

wishing you were


The End

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