If You Want to Achieve Something, You've Really got to fall off Your RockerMature

Stop waiting and do it.

There are those out to do great things.

Good for them.

And there are those who have given up on such bullshit.

Instead happy to drink and fuck as much as possible.

To grab what little slice of life they can and ride it to the grave.

It is with them I happily find my comrades in arms.

But it is those that wait that sicken me,

Curdle my insides like an Irish car bomb.

Those that believe they are destined for some greatness,

That it just has yet to come their way.

As though destiny will simply fall in their lap.

Always sitting on the edge of their seat,

Waiting, Anticipating, Sweating,

For a knock on the cliched old door,

But this does not happen!

You will never wake up a changed man,

You will never come to some conclusion in your life,

Or find yourself one day on a grand road to success,

Having somehow failed upwards into glory.

The closest thing to an epiphany you will ever achieve

Is the realization that there is no such thing as an epiphany.

If you want something in life, you have to run after it

Pounce on its back, bite into the flesh of its neck,

Rape it into submission.

A cougar on the hunt,

A schizo off her meds.

The End

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