If You Only Knew

If you only knew I’d put my life on a thin string

If you only knew I would sacrifice every beat of my heart

If you only knew how many fantasies you excite me about

If you only knew that if I could drown, I’d drown in your love

I’d give away every bitter hardened piece of me before I lose you

Feel your breath in me is what I believe in, if you only knew

I never regret anything that makes me smile

So why would I forget you?

The only thing that made me happier than I’d ever been?

If you only knew, since you’ve been gone, I’m hanging on a piece of thread

If you only knew I stay awake at night hoping I could embrace only you

If you only knew how I refuse to resist you in the slightest

If you only knew how I am deprived of life when you’re away

I’d give away my last breath if it was for you

If you wanted me gone, it would hurt, but if it only makes you happy

I’d forever cling to a ledge if it saved you from yourself

I never want to sleep, unless you’re next to me

I forever hold my heart out to you

If you only knew how I toss and turn, like a beach

If you only knew, I pick apart every crimson rose petal to find your love

If you only knew, how much time I’ve dedicated my spirit to you

If you only knew how you are my drug and I smile when I’m high

If you only knew, how you’ve brought me into life

The End

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