If You Listen Hard Enough

I’ve traveled to faraway places in the furthest reaches of my mind

Imagination is the only thing that suffice in this wasteland of excess

I am the wanderer who’s out alone in the desert

With only the stars to guide him


My inner voice has shouted for an answer to all these questions

These foreboding thoughts that follow me wherever I go but

In the silence of the night all I got was stillness


Colors evaporate and swirled around me

If only I could see these auras I would have a better judgement

I could see through walls where people hide themselves behind


My sight, my eyes

Crystal clear live pictures, not even the best camera can compare


To live in a world without colors

Is to live in a world without sun

Just eternal darkness


My heart, oh my fragile heart


Some days you are porcelain, so vulnerable

Some days you are the fortress that not even the strongest army could enter

My eyes form tears when you are broken


I trust you more than I trust my mind

You are surrounded, my heart



Intuition would guide me every step of the way


Ears ,oh my ears

If you listen hard enough to the beats of my heart

You would know that some things

Are better left alone


If I don’t listen hard enough to

Every whisper and to every silent pleading


True enough I am the fool

 Walking blind


The End

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