If walls had ears

If walls could talk they'd ruin a surprise party or two.

They could tell us if Lee Harvey did shoot the President in '63 and if '69 really was a giant leap for mankind.

People would die, pigs would fly before the truth came out but if walls could whisper, talk or shout we'd learn a thing or two about the Mayans.
Alexander would be no greater than Alexandria at number 49 who is 77 years old and those cloaked figures who move only in dimly lit halls would have their secrets told.

Walls, young and old would tell different stories. From past glories to petty quarrels that are anything and everything to the 8 year olds who squabble on the school playing field over whose turn it is to be the pony.

But it's funny, without these little snippets of life that mean so much to so many, but are forgotten as we speed through life in search of something, and who knows what; walls would be boring. Nothing but a lifeless partition between rooms that endeavor to do nothing but hold up the roof that we take for granted.

But walls have ear; they hear everything, and one day they will talk.

The End

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