" if U were a song"Mature

Sometimes just singing is enough

If u were a song, I would practice u everyday. I would write u not just as a melody among my favorite playlist but I will hold unto u as a leverage to prosperity, so that even the producers wouldn't get hold of u but only me. Instrumentalist will never understand how I'd sing u from within because my belly will be a dwelling place of our cherished moments. Generally, Music will not just be a means I'd know u but paragraphs of my feelings into words that I'd sing as my mental sober state is transferred into literate shit. 

Guitars with a thousand strings and violins with Loud streams will never connect your rhythms cause on this road of digestion our feelings will never ruin. 

If u were a song, my auditions will be set for a place only with rose petals on beaten gold plates in the middle of the oceans so that it will resist the forces that we put pressured on by land. The stage will seem so light that only sweet memories will have weight to sink into my head and leave me with scars of love and bruises of happiness. 

If U were a song, not only output devices will translate or transfer the way I feel about u but the look in these eyes that carries the message in your tunes. The way I'd carve your wordings into my heart that every beat of it pulls u back until I get fill with your sweet sound and melody that I won't bare but about I'd tweet. 

I'd never put u among 12 pieces that u could be called an album, or never will I judge u by your past cause it'd be 1 of the tenses that could be fully a deliberate time-bomb. I'd sing u when am stress and when am happy, never will u run from my mental high to sober cause u are so dearest than breadth. 

Till u realize u are not an ordinary song but a partner I'd hold and cherish will be like death, not for either of us but till I'd pen another emotions to a pad that u would get jealous and ironic about cause it'd be for the rest of my life.

If u were a song, I'd sing wordings from feelings that I've never refurbish but unspoken prayers that I've search the heart of God for. I'd play u not on repeat cause for your essence there'd be no need. I'd love u as a part of me and as for these wordings will be the rest of me. 
If U were a song, I'd called u the love of my life.

The End

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